Saturday, June 21, 2014

Snez Tour News - Galah's on the Inland Moon

We've been in Alice Springs for a little over 3 weeks and we've got one more show to go before we move onto Katherine and Darwin. I feel ready to get on the road now. We spent the last 3 weeks performing, doing radio interviews and also teaching at St Josephs Flexi Learning Centre in Alice Springs, working with indigenous youth to write songs and record them. The young people here are obsessed with the song 'Wipe Out'. They know all the chords and some strive to get the drum part drove us crazy by the end : )  One kid watched the drum solo on You Tube about 10 times that's focus!

After our Interview with GMan at Caama Radio, Alice Springs, NT
Check out the video which features some footage from our time in Glen Helen, taking part in Jeanette Wormalds Album Launch 'Inland Moon'. Our next stop was the Beanie Festival here, which is a big deal. You can see the footage of that next week.

If you're in Alice Springs, you can catch us with our last show in an open house concert setting, with a backdrop of the MacDonald ranges on Thursday 26th June. Very beautiful. It's unplugged and limited seating, so book your seat with Jeanette at [email protected] The fire will be on and some hot soup to go hand in hand with our concert. We look forward to seeing you there.

Thanks and smell ya later

Snez & Stew xx

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