Wednesday, June 25, 2014

SNEZ Winter Tour Update - Watering Beanies

Alice Springs Beanie Festival

Still in Alice Springs. Feels like we’ve been here a long time now and itching to move on. We head off on  Sunday. We played at the Beanie Festival at the Araluen Arts Centre, had lots of fun. There were fashion parades and competitions with some extroadinary beanies. 

We have our very last Alice Springs concert this Thursday 26th June,. hosted by Jeanette Wormald in her home. The concert is open to all and will be a lovely way to end our time here in Alice. Hot soup served around the fireplace and the concert is totally unplugged. I can’t wait to play. A big thank you for Jeanette’s support of live music. BOOK HERE

Bush passionfruit
Bush Banana
In the meantime, we have been staying at Stew’s brother's place, Scott. Scott and Raelene (Scott's wife) will be hosting an 80th birthday this Saturday for Raelene's mum; Kath;  so they’re busy fixing up the place before the party. Stew and I decided to help out … they live 20 km out of Alice Springs on a huge land. The property is Raelene's family 'country', given back to her grandfather during the land-rights reforms of the 1970's - thanks Gough! Stew and my job was to water the fruit trees including the  bush bananas, passionfruit and beans trees and to fill up the kangaroo watering holes. They picked the right people for the job! This was about a 2 hour job, lots of waiting around, but a beautiful day for it. Day 2 had Stewart shoveling gravel into holes (I happened to be sick that day) and pruning trees.  Not a bad weekend's work for two musos. The night ended with wood-fired pizza’s in their backyard - under the stars. in the middle of nowhere. What a way to live!

Back on the musical front. Sadly, a dear friend of ours; Izzy Foreal (Peter Knox);  passed away this week, only 65 years old.  You may have seen Izzy and Lynne throughout my blog over the years, we usually stay with them in the Raleigh area when we pass through and did so only a couple of weeks ago, celebrating a belated birthday lunch in town with Izzy. Izzy was a well known rock legend, the frontman of the Zarsoff Bros, he was also in the 69ers and many other bands in his time. When we saw him, he was working on a new album and several books! But time just ran out - he'll be sadly missed.

When I first decided I wanted to sing, Izzy took me under his wing, he rented the hall at the Port Kembla Community Centre and he taught me microphone technique and coached me in singing ‘The Rose’ by Bette Midler, to get ready for a big talent competition I was entering in Wollongong. This is where our friendship started - a gentle, quirky and hilarious man. Lots of love to Lynne and her family and also the family of Izzy. RIP.

On that note, smell ya later
Snez & Stew

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