Thursday, June 12, 2014

SNEZ Winter Tour News: No Malice in Alice

Camooweal, QLD, near NT border

We know we’re in the outback when our skin starts getting dry and we’re swallowing flies. Freddy’s worst enemy is the FLY! It makes him go crazy and depressed. He catches so many flies mid air during the day and then vomits later on…YUK! As for us, we’re coping. The weather is heating up. We’re in shorts and singlets during the day most of the time, but it chills up as evening comes.
We made it to Alice Springs. It was a 2800 km drive over 5 days. Non stop driving, not alot of fun, but a wonderful way to see Australia. Our first series of shows were in Glen Helen last week, which is an hour and a half from Alice Springs. It was freezing. The concerts were amazing. We had 4 nights in a row and 4 nights of packed and attentive audiences at the Glen Helen Resort.  We even got our own room while we were there, where freddy could stay with us. We're playing at Glen Helen again this week for another series of shows, really looking forward to it. Check out the vid.

Jeanette, Me and Stew
 On the Saturday night we had the honour of opening with a set for the launch of Jeanette Wormald's Album launch called 'Inland Moon'. We were invited to put some backing vocals on the songs, stew played guitar throughout some songs. It was truly an amazing night. The show was sold out!. Thanks to all the folks to braved the cold. Another video of this to come next week.

Ok folks, for the next 3 weeks will be stationed at Alice Springs, not alot of reception in some of the places we're staying so it's difficult putting the blogs online. Talk soon.

Ok Smell ya later.

Snez & Stew
From the Snez & Stew Adventures Company

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