A house concert is a small intimate show in the comfort of your lounge room, kitchen, garage, outside deck or any space that you feel is a good space to have a concert. As the host, you invite your friends, family, neighbours, colleagues, the dogs and cats, anyone who loves live music and would love to listen in an intimate atmosphere. Audience can be as big or small as you want eg: 10 to 50 guests, all dependent on how big your space is. Remember this is a concert, not a party, we won't be providing all the hits from the 80's, so you can dance : ) (but by all means dance and sing to the music of SNEZ)

$$$$ Does it cost? If you're hosting a concert it's up to you, whether you would like to provide food and drinks. On the night, each guest will give a donation from $10 or $20 ticket (an agreed price with the artist). The money will go directly to the artist. If you have provided food and drinks, then a percentage of the ticket will go to the host eg: $3 to $5 per ticket ( or just reimbursed for food/drinks)
Once we all have agreed on a date and the finer details, you need to decide if this is a private concert eg: just family/friends, or an open house concert - open to the general public to come to your home. Selling tickets is as easy as emailing all your friends/family/colleagues. They can just pay cash on the night, or if they prefer netbanking, cheque etc, credit card we can create an online booking system for you, whatever is easier for the host. Once we've got the minimum amount of people who have booked their ticket, the concert goes ahead.

Usually we’ll be able to fit in to with how you would like to run the concert. Snez usually perform 2  sets, with a break in the middle for nibbles, chatter etc. Usually House concerts are played unplugged – with no P.A or sound equipment needed, however if it is a larger space or bigger audience we are able to provide a small P.A set up.

House concerts are a very rewarding experience, not only to the artist, but also the host. When you book SNEZ for a house concert, you will be booking an award winning singer/songwriter, a dynamic journey of storytelling, songs and laughs.

If you are interested in hosting a house concert, get in touch with us at [email protected]  and let us know if you have further questions.

Here’s a few tips to make your house concert a wonderful evening.
SET THE MOOD to create a magical experience for your guests simple things like candles, lamps, cushions on the floor all help creating a wonderful atmosphere.
SEATING is very handy : )  Couches, chairs, stools, cushions and the floor in a concert style seating works best, making sure your guests are comfortable.
INVITING guests, Generally it's good to remind people about the event, or send them the info a couple of different ways. You can use Facebook, email, text messages, snail mail, phone and all other social media. If you prefer that we create an online booking system for tickets which includes credit card facilities, we can do this easily.
FOOD/DRINKS. Generally food and music go together. You can either slave away in the kitchen pre-show or ask your guests to bring a plate, which will lessen the burden for you.


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