Monday, July 1, 2013

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our audience in Toowoomba at the Greek Hall * Photo's taken by John Eliott
Well, over the last 2 days, Freddy (the dog) has been bitten by an ant twice and is feeling very vulnerable ,clingy and sulking a little bit....I can't help but keep giving him liver treats....just to make him feel better, even though it's coming out the other end, if you know what I mean : ) Off to the dog clippers! Yay!

Ryk, Alan and Helen in Toowoomba
Performing at The Bug
On a musical note. We've once again had a very warm welcome from our audiences in the Gold Coast, Brisbane and in Toowoomba, lots of press coverage. While we were playing at the Mandala Organic Arts Cafe in Mermaid Beach, a lady by the name of Anna introduced herself to me and told me the funniest story. She said that last year, when I was doing some promotion for a show at Bay FM in Byron Bay, there was a competition for someone to win my CD '8 Lives Left to Lose'. Well, Anna was the person that won it; being a subscriber to Bay FM. The CD arrived in the mail and when she opened it she said '....Who's

3 Miles from Texas at The Bug

Snez?'. She thought she was winning a CD of Cat Empire. So she gave the CD a listen, and kind of got obsessed with it. She said it's been scratched all over from being played so much, then she put it in her car stereo and it got stuck in there....and won't come out and is repeatedly playing one song 'Don't Forget Me'. So she came to the cafe because she thought it was a sign for her to see me play live : ) Pretty good timing. You often think when people buy your CD they play it once and then get bored and forget who you are in the end and why they even got it : )

Stew, Me & audience member Francis

Toowoomba!!! What a fabulous afternoon. I met so many people it's a blur. The music afternoon began with singer/songwriter Helen Rowe from Brisbane area, followed by Alan Mackey (who also organised this show for us) and his 3 piece with Ryk Rostron on guitar and mandolin and Helen Rowe on fiddle and vocals. Great songs and very entertaining. You know how I said Newcastle folk Club was a dream gig, well this one was another one of those shows. I am so grateful to the wonderful and attentive audience who remind me why I perform.

We're back in Brisbane this week for a series of shows in the area starting with The Bug and Red Hill Folk Club If you're around on Friday for our last show in Brissy please come along and say hi.

Ok Smell ya Later, snez x

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