Tuesday, July 9, 2013

SNEZ E-News '8 Lives Tour' - Road kill, flies, red dirt and open roads

Just near Windorah, Qld
Road kill, flies, red dirt and open roads….yep we’re in the outback. Once we passed Charleville, we new we were in a different type of Australia…we’re not in Toowoomba anymore, that’s for sure. We quickly realized that we couldn’t be careless when half way to quilpe the petrol light came on and we still had another 100 klm left to go. Considering myself as a lucky person these days, I was sure we were going to make it and we did….and I celebrated with an ice cream : )
Then the battery went flat and then I got assaulted by a bunch of flies, wasn’t a good two days, but we finally made it to Quilpie for our one and only show at the Imperial Hotel.

It’s The first of outback pub gigs. Still hopeful that I’d be able to throw in an original or two between khe San and brown eyed girl. Surprisingly we had an audience who were interested in some of our originals but more interested in dancing, so out came ‘Stand by Me’.
During our break we met two locals  ‘Wally’ and ‘Benno’ – Wally desperately wanted my business card so he could hook me up with some gigs in Mt Isa, but Benno, told me had googled all about me before I got here and researched who was coming to town. He was also a drummer and in a local band. He told us that the last gig at the Imperial hotel was in 2006…so we were fresh meat haha. Benno took a fancy to Stewarts shirt. I bought Stew the shirt from Salvo’s for $4.00 and Benno was pleading to buy it off Stewart. He was willing to pay anything (He did have a few too many drinks). We could’ve made a big profit on this and a half a tank of petrol. Benno said ‘Ok well I’ve give you my number incase you change your mind’.

Anyway we’re on our way through to Katherine of the next week and a half. Scorching in the sun at Longreach at the moment with a wet towel on my head…if you thought touring was glamourous then I’d hate to break it to you, there’s no one fanning me and feeding me grapes on a banana chair over here! 
Smell ya later
snez & stew xx

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