Wednesday, June 19, 2013

SNEZ E-News '8 Lives Tour' - Sunshine, Swimming and bad hair

 We've had a lovely splash of sunshine here in Bellingen. Been here for 4 days or so and it's been hectic. We started with a performance at the Purple Carrot in Bellingen, with a nice surprise to see our old friends Lynne and Izzy. I might have told you about Izzy Foreal a while back. He's the founding member of the Zarzoff brothers and other well known bands from 70's and 80's and he's been around the music scene for yonks ... how does he stay so young!. I can remember him with his long black beard from when I was a teenager, when he was living down in the Illawarra where I grew up....

Lynne is another kettle of fish, born and raised in the Urunga area, then travelled about a bit, became a hippie and feminist and in first cycle of that movement and ended up back in the same area she grew up. We talked about the invisibility that comes with aging. We got to see Izzy perform at the Federal hotel. It's not rock anymore, it's qirky and hilarious. Stew and I had a good dance, drank some Coopers (Stew) and cola (the syrup stuff straight from the bar tap!) and laughed a lot : )

Izzy and Friends at the Federal Hotel, Bellingen
Most photos taken by Lynne Sanders-braithwaite

Lynne, Izzy, Me and Stew (pic from 2011)

Last Friday night we had another amazing show. This time in Dorrigo - a very pleasant surprise. I decided to try out a new venue in Dorrigo called Thirty Three on Hickory. When we got there it looked like we might be just going to be dinner music, but it seems the tour gods are smiling on us on this tour.

Stewart said "Just do the show with all the stories, no matter if they clank their plates and don't listen... " So we did our full show and lo and behold they sat and listened to my stories and our songs - and even danced at the end. Kelli-Jo, the owner, made us a some of the best pizza we've ever tasted, we sold some CD's and won some new fans ... well, folks, that's what we're here for - not the pizza, then music :)

Izzy Foreal
'Jed' Izzy & Lynne's neighbours dog

Next day at Idle In Cafe in Nana Glen  it was unfortunately on the brink of rain the whole day and we were set up outside in the courtyard. It didn't quite rain, but it was gloomy enough to keep people away. This was the first time they had tried music at their cafe. We had a small crowd who were very appreciative to have some live original music in their town and we still sold some CD's . Ali and Ron from the Cafe were lovely and invited us back to play any time we're passing through.

They're thinking about doing music there more often that's a bonus. All in all we were glad that we had dropped in and shared our songs with Nana Glen. BTW, Russell Crow lives there - didn't see him "... do you hear the people sing, singing the song of Nana Glen..." - you know, Les Mis!

Idle In Cafe, Nana Glen
Been to Mullumbimby to bask in some more sun, bought some mung bean crackers and an organic cola, put up some posters around town before for our show at Lulu's Cafe. Stewart says I can ave the mung bean crackers all to myself and I will!

Off to the Gold Coast this morning for a interview with the ABC to promote our show on Friday at Mandala Organic Arts Cafe.

Smell ya later
snez xx

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