Thursday, June 6, 2013

Snez E-News - Blush before you Rush

In the ABC 1223 studios playing some tunes!

Well we’re 3 days into our road trip and I feel good. We began our tour with a radio interview at ABC Newcastle with Craig Hamilton, not only a radio presenter but also a mental health advocate, speaker and author...not bad huh!  We had a nice little chat, got to play a couple of songs. We felt very supported in Newcastle.  

The first show of our tour is a nerve wracking experience, but we broke the ice at the Newcastle and Hunter Folk Club and now we're armed and dangerous.

The ABC toilets, it's meant to say  'Flush'
The folk club was a wonderful experience. It was one of those dream shows that you rarely get, where the audience was so attentive, the sound was perfect and then there was lots of food and conversation in between acts.

Trevor Knight played after us, a two time golden guitar winner and well renowned aussie folk singer/songwriter. His voice reminded me a bit of John Denver. He shared his stories and songs and boy he’s been around. Not only a songwriter, but a 5 time winner of the quilty horse races and a Stockman - He had a belt to prove it. Now that's impressive!

Here's a little review of the show by Carole Garland from the Folk Club.

'Well such an interesting night! We had such a range of entertainment all of it such a high class. Snez and Stewart were wonderful and so full of delicious arrangements and really sincere songs. They have only started their tour (to escape the cold of the Blue Mts.) so don't miss them if you find them in your vicinity. I wouldn't have stayed home for quids --- did you?' Carole Garland.

Albert the Cat

The good news is that we only had to go two days without a shower : ) Stewart has some cousins out in Muswellbrook, so after our second show in Maitland we made our way to visit Vic (her husband Paul is currently in the mines in WA). Vic made us a beautiful meal, we had some wine and just un-winded. Now Vic is a interesting one. She also has worked in and out of the mines, driving trucks and training up newbies to the mine industry. She was also a horse handler for the Queen. She told us so many stories about the conversations she had in the stables with the Queen. That's pretty cool.  Talk about inside gossip. Meanwhile, freddy's feeling vulnerable with vics cat Albert!

Vic, Stew and Snez at Muswellbrook
Our next stop is Bellingen at the  Purple Carrot (tonight - 6 June). We played there on our previous tour and it was a fun night, so I'm really looking forward to it. I'm currently reading a book called 'The Luck factor', Which explores the personality of Lucky people and unlucky people : ) I'm heading towards being Lucky : )

Thanks and smell ya later
Snez xx


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