Wednesday, July 25, 2012

SNEZ E-News Update - Still alive!

Yo folks, still alive, just a bit too relaxed I think. Can't be bothered working haha!!!
Stew and I have the last of our shows in Cairns and Port Douglas. We recently played at the Quincan Cottage Cafe and it was a beautiful venue and Melisa and the rest of the staff were so lovely, we even got a free breakfast with the best pancakes you could taste!!!

Stew and I have to head home early now due an illness in the family, so the trip is cut short a tad, but you do what you do and keep smiling whatever you do.

smell ya later, talk to you soon with pics etc.

snez xx


  1. Oh I wish I knew about you touring and being in Cairns before now!! We were probably just around the corner!! Sorry you have to cut your tour short but looking forward to catching up at Derby when you get back.

  2. Hey kyla : ) I'm home already. That's a shame about cairns...oh well I'm around performing in the mountains anyway. See you at Derby...just gotta figure out what's happening with it, lots of changes since I've been gone....