Monday, August 27, 2012

SNEZ E-News - Home Sweet Home & Snow Snow Snow

Hello my lovelies
It's been a very long time between blogs. Life comes at you sideways.
Stew, Freddy and I had to head home early from our tour, we managed to only have to cancel one show in Port Douglas which was fortunate. A family member got sick and we had to race home to care for him, so here we are in the Blue Mountains again. I have mixed feelings about being home, I love the road, the lifestyle and the freedom, but it's great to pick some flowers and put them in a vase and sit at the dining table.

We were home only a day and we got one of the coldest snaps in the mountains and it started to snow. Check out our video. I suppose if we're gonna be here at winter time....then we want snow!!!

Freddy celebrated his 9th birthday in August, his legs are getting a little creaky, but he hasn't lost his passion for food that's for sure....

'Freddy the super dog'
Now that I'm home, I've booked a whole heap of shows in Sydney and the mountains as well as some coming in Wollongong. Mostly solo, but the band are getting together in October for the Oatley Village Music Festival, which is always a buzz.

Stewart and I are starting to gather some new songs we've written, and will be taking our time recording them in the studio, not rushing into another album......

BTW, I'm back playing a residency at my favourite Cafe in Katoomba -  Zuppa on Sunday arvo's - 4 PM to 7 PM, It's free so come along if you're around. It won't start for another two weeks though.

good to be back home, smell ya later

Snez x

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