Tuesday, July 10, 2012

SNEZ E-NEWS - Rockin in Rosedale

Stew and I used to think that the Carrington Bar in Katoomba got rowdy on a weekend. What we experienced at the Royal Hotel in Rosedale was hilarious!!! 

Even after the gig, at our next gig a few days later, someone said ‘I heard you guys were at Rosedale’…and then gave a little snigger on the side. We thought when we arrived that it would be a quiet one, considering it was a tiny town, but we had so much fun.

There were a pack of electricians that came away for a weekend all the way from Brisbane, so they got lucky on the night we were playing, we met a whole bunch of Sydney-siders who had moved up near Rosedale and adored the place. We even met an old bloke who claimed to have managed the novelty/country singer Chad Morgan. (I just nodded and pretended to know who he was, Stewart explained who he was later) Not only did we do all the standard covers, but I was determined to do my originals as well and with great shock was received very well, I even sold a bunch of CD’s to my amazement.


Steve, the manager and owner invited us back to play any time, so I the next time we’re in the area, we will. You just don’t who you’ll meet out in the country! So the last of our covers gigs are done! Off to Coowonga Folk Club.

Snez x

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