Friday, July 6, 2012

SNEZ E-News - air balloons, 3 headed flies and Maleny!

Hello. Well I think I've out done myself. It's the longest time I've gone without a shower and it wasn't a pretty sight that's for sure. We've arrived in Rosedale, an hour from Bundaberg, the second of the covers gig at the Royal Hotel... and the last. We'll be doing some Johnny Cash tonight!!! It's a pretty small town, but the lady at the bar said that it gets pretty crowded on a Friday night. As we walked in, lo and behold we heard 'Run to Paradise' pumping out of the jukebox....can't seem to get away from you Lindsay!!!

Stew Recording in the front seat
Stewart's been frantically recording jingles for two days straight, business is booming. Crammed in the front seat! We have one more show tomorrow after Rosedale at the Coowonga Folk Club and then we've got a proper break to get to Cairns for the last stint of gigs. I feel like I haven't even started yet, I was just enjoying myself...damn, I should book more gigs!!!

I've been working on a new song called 'Hot Air Balloon', check out the video to hear a snippet of the song...still in it's rough stages, and don't judge my hairstyle or my voice!!!

Ok, smell ya later
Snez xx

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