Tuesday, October 18, 2011

SNEZ E-News & Blog - In the studio with Simon Crosbie

One of Jo's artworks as a guide for my face painting

Hello again people
I’ve had a very creative week, it’s been wonderful.
I met with Joanne Pedro also to discuss ideas about the front cover of my album.

We had a pretty productive session, narrowing down to two main ideas. Inspiration from the Rolling stones – Tattoo You cover – which I love the face art.
Also there was an original painting of Jo’s which we’ll work from too (pic on the left). I absolutely love what Jo does : ) Things are moving along nicely.

We’re onto final touches of ‘58’ with our friend Simon Crosbie coming in to ad a bit of blues harp to the song. You might know Simon from some our big shows, he played at the last Clarendon show.

I really enjoy the way he plays the harp : ) He also played the harp on Gypsy Soul Album 'Crazy Does what Crazy Wants.

Session with Simon Crosbie on harp

'GREEN' filmclip
I also just finished a meeting with the guys from Nuh! Productions. We've set a date to shoot 'Green'. Location is at Mars Hill Cafe in Parramatta. I'm looking for extras...so if you're interested email me : )
Grace - Production assistant
Ange and Paul from Nuh! productions

I have had some fantastic solo gigs the last couple of weeks. Here's some pics from my show at City Diggers in Wollongong opening for Rachel Delgato and Nothing But Jam.

City Diggers, Wollongong
pics taken by my sis Diana

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