Thursday, September 29, 2011

SNEZ E-NEWS & BLOG - In the studio with Red Dirt Wanderer

Hello once again. Lots of great things have been happening since I've been back from tour. I've got two residencies each Monday and Saturdays at the local café's in Katoomba as a solo artist, so I am really looking forward to strengthening my guitar skills and presence as a solo act.

If you're around the Mountains I'm playing at the Savoy Café on some Saturdays and Café Zuppa every Mondays from 6 - 8 PM FREE entry.


We've started recording the album with 'Red Dirt Wanderer' first cab off the rank. Check out the video with Lindsay coming in to lay down some drums, we also had local blues harp player Stuart Hall drop by to add some harp to the track.

I'm really excited about it. I didn't think this song was going to make it on the album, I thought it didn't have enough strength, but it's starting to sound fantastic. I still have to record the lead vocal, but I'll do that as it starts to get warmer in the mountains.

We're not too sure if we'll use the harp it in the final mix yet, because we wanted to get Lester to put some didge on it, not sure if it will clash.

Our new song 'Friendship Pin' is well under way. We're keeping this song pretty simple – guitar, piano and a bit of 'vibe'. Nice.


I'm starting to looking at ideas for the album cover and have come up with an idea to get my face painted with intricate patterns. So I've asked Sydney based artist – Joanne Pedro if she could have a go at that…I'll be meeting her in October to discuss ideas. I really love the art of Jo. Below is a painting titled 'The Playing Card' by Joanne Pedro  Click here to see some other work by Jo

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