Tuesday, October 25, 2011

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Hey folks

lotsa gigs over the last few weeks.
I haven't played with the band for a while, so the Oatley Lions Village Festival was a good excuse for us to get together with Chris and Lindsay. Lindsay our usual drummer is bloody touring with Meat loaf of all bands and had to decline our high profile show : ) How dare he!!!!

Chris our bass player, hooked us up with his drummer from the Dead Setters - Steve Gunning, which saved our lives. It ended up being a beautiful day and great fun for the whole band, with lots of little kids dancing to 'Lenny's Old Tin Shed'.

Apart from that, we've recorded about 9 tracks for the new album and it's coming along very nicely indeed. More pics and vids coming later in the week with footage of me putting down some vocals for a few songs. 

I've got some cool shows coming up - solo - with an appearance on a few songs by Stewart on Ukelele. It's funny how Stewart keeps creeping back into my live performances : ) 

Thurs 3rd November - Mind Body Spirit Festival - Exhibition Centre, Darling Harbour - 3.30 PM
Friday 4th November - Illawarra Folk Club - City Diggers, Wollongong - 8 PM

Smell ya later
snez xx

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