Tuesday, September 6, 2011

SNEZ E-NEWS & BLOG - Humph Hall, Gretsch drum kits and lettuce!!!

Hello again

What a lovely week I’ve had.
Our first show back in Sydney was a house concert at Humph Hall in Allambie Heights. I would have to say it’s the best show I’ve had all year. This place was designed for concerts and the audience was wonderful. Gosh I was on a high for 2 days after the show : )
Have a look at some pics at www.humphhall.org - click on SNEZ

Wayne, Stew, Me and Gial - Humph Hall : ) Awww looks like a family photo.

Here’s a clip shot by Wayne at Humph Hall of 'You Were Loved'

Also check this out. It’s a boy named Will Hobkirk. His father Paul, brang Will to my show at Humph Hall. They’ve seen me once before years ago at Ironfest in Lithgow and it was a nice surprise to see them. They had one of my very first CD’s, (home pressed) that I’m very embarrassed about and Will got me to sign it : )Will has been working on his guitar and I tell you what, he plays better guitar than me, that’s for sure!!! Check this out!!! Very impressive.

Will Hobkirk on Guitar

Well we have begun the album, starting with ‘Red Dirt Wanderer’. Not sure if this song will actually get on the album, it’s not one of the strongest of the lot. Lindsay came in to test out our new gretsch drum kit and lay down a part for the song, it sounds great. Stewart also put on a bit of guitar, dobro and bass as well as some foot stomps which was lots of fun. There will be a video for you on next weeks blog : )

Lindz on those drums : ) and Stewart mixing.

I have settled in nicely at home. Planted some lettuce, tomatoes and basil in the garden, amongst other things and will wait and see if they survive up here in the mountains, I have had moderate success as a gardener. I love being out there it’s so relaxing, so I try and do it every morning for a little bit until the the guitar calls me

Lettuce and Carrots, not sure why I'm showing you this, but I think I'm proud of my babies.

Ok, until next week, smell ya later

Snez xxx

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