Tuesday, August 30, 2011

SNEZ E-NEWS & BLOG - Home Sweet Home

So we're home. We've been back for over a week and although I have mixed feeling it sure is nice to be home. Hot showers, lots of space and lovely spring weather and my laptop is fixed, no files were lost : )

In reflection about the tour I really felt this has been a wonderful set of shows I've done to date. I chose my shows very carefully this year, no pubs : ) We mainly played at café's, markets and house concerts. Apart from the small community minded farmers markets in Nimbin and Lillian Rock, most of the markets we played at were a waste of time and I won't be chasing those up.

I felt my music was really acknowledged around the east coast, I got bunches of flowers from people, heart to hearts, ended up in deep conversations about songwriting and even got a presents from Warren and Cheryl from Yamba Street Café – A chopping board made from Cedar Wood from their farm….it really was wonderful.

Cheryl and Warren from Yamba Street Cafe

The areas I'd like to develop a bit more are in Lismore, Nimbin, South Grafton and Newcastle. I really feel I've got something along the East coast and I can't wait to head up that way again next winter.


So I have about 16 new songs to work on for the new album and I'm pretty excited about it. At this stage the title of the album is 'Don't wait for the applause'….what do you think? The title say's a lot for me and also for Stewart. So much time is spent pouring my heart out, doing promo and forcing people to like my music and at one point I said to myself, 'Don't worry about all that, just sing, don't wait for the applause, the accolades, the appreciation…do what you love to do…' so I think this album will follow in this vein.

Keep your eyes on this blog, I'll have some videos and pics as we work on the album, with snippets of new songs uploaded here.

Once again, thank you everyone who followed our tour, I really appreciate your support. Thank you to all those people who let us stay at your home while traveling including Richard and Christine, Izzy and Lynne, Steve and Terumi, Kerry….and whoever I forgot, it made life a lot easier.

Snez & Stewy

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