Friday, August 19, 2011

Gypsy Soul Tour Diary - Homeward Bound

We’re on the last week of our tour with 1 show left at Yamba Street Café. We got back to brissy for the second leg of our tour on the 10th August with a fantastic show at the Kookaburra Café, part of the folk club. It was a very attentive audience. Really enjoyed myself. No PA, totally acoustic. We were invited back there any time, which is lovely.

After the show, Vinny the van karked it. The fan belt died and we had to be towed back to Kerry’s place 40 minutes away at midnight. Pain the arse!

Stew, Freddy, Me and Kerry at her place in Springfield Lakes

We rang Lube Mobile the next morning and they gave a cheap quote and they said they’d have it fixed by mid afternoon, which was great because we had an early gig at Music Kafe in West End that afternoon. Stewart recorded all the jingles for Lube Mobile.

Then it all got complicated…..
The mechanic misquoted. It turned out to be a bigger job than he first thought, and he said it would cost another few hundred dollars. The Mexican stand-off ended with the mechanic saying ‘Take it or leave it’ with the van all dismantled in front of us. With an air of regalness Stewart retorted “Don’t you know who I am” … just like in the movies. “I wrote all the jingles for Lube Mobile, and I’m going to call management about all this!” … Stewart wasn’t sure if the weird look on the guys face was a look of ‘shitting his pants’ or just thinking Stewart was a weirdo.  Anyway Stewart did call Lube Mobile’s Managing Director and things were sorted out very quickly. It’s nice to know we have friends in high places!

We still had to cancel the gig at the last minute, which was a horrible thing to do to Sandy at the music kafe, considering we had 2 sets that she had to find replacements for. I felt really bad. We also had to cancel a couple of others appointments too.

Surely nothing else can go wrong? Wrong!… next day my laptop died! I won’t find out until I get home if I’ve lost everything in it. Stewart got the flu and asthma at the same time and by that time I was feeling a bit downtrodden.

 The Channon - Rainforest, near Lismore

We left Brisbane on the Friday. Stewart accidentally stole some of Kerry’s cutlery (or he says it was an accident!). We headed to Lillian rock, 8 kms out of Nimbin. We had a farmers market gig there and I wasn’t really expecting a special show. But it turned out to be fantastic: so relaxed, the stage overlooks Blue Knob mountains – nice view. Everybody was so friendly and I even got 7 organic avocado’s for a $1.50 and a loaf of organic bread ….nice!

Freddy's still cute as ever : )

After Lillian Rock we headed to Lismore. We’ve been here for a week and I really like it here. It’s a nice combination of hippies and conservatives. Lots of music, art and cafes … and free hot showers at the Bus transit centre, which is the main reason we’re sticking around.

So we’re expected to be home next week on Wednesday night. It will feel really weird being in a house again with lots of space and not enough nature. I’m sure we’ll adjust very quickly : )

Snez x

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