Monday, June 6, 2011

Snez - Gypsy Soul Tour 2011 - Newcastle and Maitland

Hello again. Slowly but surely we’re heading towards the warmth and sun. Have already been for a swim, it was freezing, but it was still a swim. Had to get a shower in somehow. Freddy is doing well he's already found a couple of bones on the side of the road and loving it.

Saturday 4th June
We spent Friday and Saturday morning at Lake Macquarie. It was beautiful. Freddy got to play with lots of other dogs and we just caught up on sleep. We were waiting for Nathan to arrive on Saturday around Lunchtime. He’ll be taking photos and video’s for the next week and half while we’re on tour.

Lake Macquarie - Hanging about and killing time

Also had a game of soccer while we were at it!
Tonight we played at the Royal Exchange theatre in Newcastle. We played there last year and it was a fantastic show, lots of people, sold a heap of cd’s and I was expecting the same to happen. Unfortunately numbers were low that night. I did a great performance, but it’s hard to feed off the vibe of the audience when it’s so small. At the same time my show was going on the Newcastle folk club had a show on which probably took all the numbers. It was disappointing, but I’m used to it by now : ) I’ll just keep plodding along singing my songs and enjoying the opportunity to play them to crowds big or small.

That night we finished up late and drove to Maitland and had to find a camp spot in the night…Maitland markets here we come.


Sunday 5th June
In the morning we accidentally slept in and ended up being in a bit of a rush. We had a show at the Maitland markets from 10 am to 1 PM. These markets were massive.
They set us up at the entrance where people came in and out. It was pointless, we had people just passing by, no audience. We were playing our original songs for donations and hoping people would buy our cd’s. By the time we finished our first set we had made a dollar. I continued on and did another set solo to get some practice in and didn’t get a dime or sell a cd.

Stewart decided to do a test. He pulled out Khe Sahn, Kenny Rogers and a John Denver song, singing in a mock country voice and all of a sudden people were throwing in coins from all over the place…he made $20 in ten minutes…..Bastard!

Goes to show you what people really want. Well my songs is what I do and so I’ll just have to keep finding good audiences when I can. Nothing more I can do there.

I really hope the quality of the shows we’re doing picks up. We’ve got a series of lunchtime shows coming up this week in Dorrigo, South Grafton and Yamba and I'm looking forward to those.

Tonight (Monday) we’re in Port Macquarie, we're snuggled up in the van with the sounds of the beach in the air. It's very nice and I"m ready to go to sleep at 7.30 pm : )
Thanks, talk to you later

Snez xxx

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