Friday, June 3, 2011

Snez Blog - Gypsy Soul Tour 2011 - So the tour begins.....

So the tour begins…..

Thursday 2nd June
We set off on Thursday afternoon. Stew and I were frantic leading up to going away with the burden and pressure of packing our whole world in the small space of the van. We were at each others throats most of Thursday and weren’t too sure how we’d survive performing that night.

Our van packed full with the bikes on top - we can hardly fit in!

So our first gig on this tour was at Mars Hill Café in Parramatta. We had a very intimate crowd, caught up with friends for dinner and then shared our stories and songs.

We had the whole band come up for this show and it was fantastic to catch up and say goodbye. It's me, Stewart, Freddy (the dog) and Nathan (video) after this show.

The band set sounded fantastic, but unfortunately I felt Stewart and I were very rusty, my voice was a bit tired and stressed and I wasn’t happy with how my side of the performance went.


Although it was great to have a rehearsal for when we get to Newcastle. We’ll be performing in a concert setting so the pressure will be on. So it was probably good to get the dud gig out of the way : ) Check out this video shot by Nathan at Mars Hill Cafe on the nightl.

Luch opened up (luciano Mesiti) with a set of his original songs and he was very well received. Then proceeded to request my songs all through out my set…thanks Luch.

It’s going to be a long trip to cairns and I’m really looking forward to it. We have Nathan (judd lee) coming along for over a week taking footage of stuff that happens on tour and our shows, also taking photographs. I hope he can handle my mood swings! So look out for pics and video’s coming out here on my blog every couple of days.

Friday 3rd June

Jim and his famous pancakes

So it’s Friday. We stayed at our friend’s Jim’s (shipstone) house and awoke to an amazing plate of pancakes – nice start to the tour – I had five big ones. Then had a cuppa and took freddy for a walk and took off. Thank you Jim for your pancakes and dirty stories.

mmm pancakes with honey and lemon!
We’re parked at a rest area now, overlooking beautiful lake Macquarie near Newcastle. Nathan will be meeting us here at the rest area tomorrow morning. I've just finished editing and typing this blog and I'm ready to drop off to sleep...mmm

Please feel free to email me or make comments on the blog : )

Luv ya
Snez xxx

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  1. Hi Snez,

    What a great read... from Rain Mud and Northern Rivers..... A glimpse into the life of travelling journeys of musicians, self promoting, across the lands in little cafes and unknown audiences, without the full band....

    Just a you play some tracks from the CD in the breaks between sets ? To give the punters a taste of the added rich sounds of the full band and studio recording.

    As you know I missed the live show at Sphinx Rock Cafe.....and bought the CD without having even heard you two..... and it is stunning and already one of my favourite CD's to play and dance to....

    There was a friend there today, who told me she was dying to dance to your music....but was with a birthday party and when she was able to get up and dance, she felt a tad too shy on her own....and one of our other cafe dancers wouldn't get up and join her...... Would that I had actually made it on time, I would have been dancing and so would she....

    Yet ... the sound of the more acoustic quiet a tad different to the full recorded sounds as you'd know......hence don't be shy to give the new audiences the taste of the CD during your upcoming shows.... and I'm sure your sales of CD's will continue to add to your petrol money !!
    Love Light and Rainbows