Friday, June 10, 2011

Gypsy Soul Tour Diary - Dorrigo - pics, vids

Wed 8th June – Dorrigo
I'm pleased to report that we had a fantastic show at the Food Angel Café in Dorrigo. Hooray. It was a lunch time show so we weren't too sure what to expect, but we had a great crowd, took a bit to win them over and I did. Sold a few cd's and then headed over to Juan's Café to talk to Bridget who runs the Dorrigo Folk Festival in view of getting a gig there next year.

Pictures from Food Angel Cafe in Dorrigo up in the mountains.

Nathan and Stew

Check out this Video of our time in Port Macquarie and Dorrigo

Dorrigo has been freezing in the night time. Poor Nathan had to go and buy extra blankets to keep himself warm. After the show I contacted Izzy (Peter Knox) a friend of mine from when I was living in the Illawarra. When I first decided to sing I decided to enter a talent competition and someone got me onto Izzy to teach me a bit of mic technique and other stuff. He was really nice to me and offered his skills for free. I was 20 then. How the times passes very quickly. I've kept in touch ever since. Peter's stage name is Izzy Foreal, but these days everyone calls him Izzy. He is the main man from the famous 80's band the Zarzoff Brothers.

Lyn, Izzy, Me and Stewart at Raleigh

Izzy and his partner Lyn live in Raleigh on a beautiful shared acreage and the directions to their place were somewhat complicated, but simple once you know.
We were greeted with a massive take-away pizza each 'Man they packed the toppings on up here'. Needless to say there was not enough oxygen in the van that night from our 'pizza emissions'.

Me and Leo at Raleigh
Lyn showed me and Nathan around the property. It was wonderful to find out that Lyn has actually read 'Women who run with the wolves'. She read it 20 years ago and I'm reading it now. This book has affected my outlook on life and creativity quite a bit.
After Izzy and Lyn's house we headed off this morning towards Grafton for a show at The Alchemy Café tommorrow - 9th June. We played there last year on tour so I'm looking forward to it. Another midday show, it must be the fashion.
We're camped close to the busy highway tonight, maybe the traffic will lull us to sleep. When we got there we found an old shell of a snake lying on the ground…yikes!

The shell of the snake

Anyway smell ya later.
Snez xxx

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