Monday, June 13, 2011

Gypsy Soul Tour Diary - South Grafton, Yamba, Nathans last day

10th and 11th June – South Grafton

Our next stop was at the emporium at the Alchemy cafĂ© in South Grafton. We’ve been there before and Peter and Annie who run the whole thing are amazing. They’re run off their feet with good business. Peter creates food like artworks - on the menu the description of his nacho's goes something like this

'People try to copy my nacho's but I just laugh in their face haha'
....and it did taste pretty good too.

In Front of the Alchemy Cafe, South Grafton
We weren’t too sure how it would go because they don’t open at night anymore so we were doing another lunch time show. We’ve got two in a row here.  It ended up being a small crowd on the Friday with people just popping in for lunch during a break from work and they would end up staying and watching. A real attentive audience. I was very happy with how that went. My voice is starting to get pretty tired and sore so I had to pay attention to how hard I pushed my voice. We sold a bunch of CD's too which is great.

Still at the Alchemy Cafe

During our break I was busting to go to the toilet. I went and opened the door to the toilet because the lock doesn’t work properly. There was a lady sitting in there 'clenching!'. I apologized and went off in a fluster. Meanwhile other people were trying to go to the toilet too. Then stewart went to the toilet, knocked, no one answered, and he opened the door.......The lady was still there clenching. All of a sudden Stewart was at the centre of it all with the lady screaming at him 'I'm not leaving until my poo is flushed!'....haha, meanwhile 15 minutes later I'm still busting to go!

It's not long before Nathan has to leave us. It has been fantastic having him on board, he's so easy to get along with. No trouble at all!.....(I'll give you all the dirty details later).


12 June - Yamba
We arrived in Yamba the day before our show and noticed a big sign saying 'Casey Donovan' had a free show at the Yamba Bowling club...what better way to kill some time on a rainy night. Casey Donovan is the girl from idol from a few years back. Her tour was called 'Big, Beautiful and Sexy'. Unexpectedly it was a fantastic show. She's got a big voice and we even got up and danced for a bit at the end.


It seems our shows are getting better and better. We had another good show here at the Yamba Street Cafe. The new owners Cheryl and Warren have only just taken over the business and have not yet had live music there.  It seems that cafe's are a good way to go. I'm selling lots of CD's at cafes. It takes a bit of work to win them over, but when I do, they stay till the end.

We had our last lunch here with Nathan before we saw him off and then to my surprise Cheryl and Warren presented me with a beautiful bunch of flowers. I really didn't expect that and also a generous donation for petrol. We'll be playing here on the way back down. They waved us all off from the door of the cafe, I felt like taking them on tour with us : )

Cheryl, Daughter (forgot her name) me and Warren

Nathan headed one way and we headed our way. It's been raining steadily for 2 days and we're stuck in the van until it stops. We're just in a rest area about 30 k's after Yamba. Lismore is our next gig, but we've got a few days to get there.

Nathan, you will be missed. xxx


Snez xxx

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