Friday, June 17, 2011

Gypsy Soul Tour Diary - Mud, Rain and Luxury Beach Apartments - Hastings Point & Lismore

13th, 14th  and 15th June - YAMBA, NSW

We camped a few k’s out of Yamba. Cheryl from the Yamba Street CafĂ© said that the rain storms and flooding were centralized in Yamba. Well we spent two days at this campsite and it was pouring and at one point it got pretty scary in the night because branches were flying everywhere and the rain was just beating down heavy on the van. We weren’t too sure if we would be bogged in the morning. 

Lynne and Izzy said that Raleigh and Bellingen we’re flooded and that they were actually flooded in at Raleigh. We just missed the floods I guess. It’s all a bit scary. We haven’t been keeping up with the news really, so we might get on the internet.
Here's a pic from Facebook - Izzy with a rather pretty umbrella : ) This is back at Raleigh where we only left a few days ago....

CHECK OUT THIS VIDEO - Mud, Rain & Luxury Apartments!

We are at Hasting Point, near Byron now. We have some friends, Richard and Christine who live in an apartment overlooking the beach, it’s beautiful and it’s also warm and sunny, which I’m pretty happy with.  Richard is an old friend of Stews, he used to work in ABC radio and give Stewart lots of radio airplay.

The apartment at Hastings Point  - B&B Rooms beautiful....fully recommended Haha

View from the balcony - Nice!

The full Moon - apparently it is an auspicious day and night and a good time to set some goals, so the astrologers goal is to sit in the sun today : )

We’ll have to backtrack on Thursday for a gig in Lismore at the Art Gallery there. I hope we’re not heading back to storms. I’m looking forward to it.

The views and the beach here at Hastings point are beautiful. I really need to move to the beach!

Me, Richard & Christine and freddy the glamour!

16th June 2011 – Lismore Regional Gallery

We've never played at a art gallery before so we weren't too sure what to expect or who would turn up! Well, our show was a 6.30 PM start in a beautiful acoustic room in the gallery surrounded by lovely artwork. It was a treat to play in this room.

Although we've had some really good gigs on this tour, this was the first time I felt I really connected with some of my more 'challenging' songs. One audience member even gave me a flower because he said 'You've given me a gift and stillness with your song 'Useless' so I'd like to give you this gift'....Nice! He still buy a cd though hahaha. But Cd sales were good and they've invited us to play again when we come through.

It was such a relief to have an audience that I felt really listened and really understand some of more esoteric lyrics.

No pics, nathan was there! and Stew was too busy looking at the artwork.But check out the video above for some footage of the night.

Smell ya later

snez xxxx


  1. Hi Snez.....

    I may have missed the show today Sunday at Sphinx Rock Cafe...... and only arrived just in time to buy the CD.... sight unheard ! is now on the 2nd playthru at 10pm and I have danced around my studio and begun to tidy it in preparation for some creativity.....

    I hope you get to come and play there again (so I can dance live), on your return south after Cairns...... or somewhere-else local as wonderful as our 'Special Sphinx Cafe'..... as I said to you..... "I can, buy this CD, on pure knowing Sharon and John's choices", of only the very best musicians this land is currently offering, and your album title, and the write up. !!!

    PS..( the time, you do return to Sphinx..... I'll have the added benefit of 'knowing' the words ....intimately.... and will be able to fully dance them, with all the beauty and emotions your beautiful words evoke !!....)

    love light and rainbows from a once wandering nomad....Megg

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