Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Snez E-News and blog - pics, solo shows, new album etc

It's been a while, my video camera has stuffed up so no vids in this episode, sorry, hopefully it will be fixed by next week.

Just incase some of you didn’t know, I’m a vego and I didn’t realize for a long time I was low on protein so I wasn’t functioning as well as I should have….low and behold I found SPIRULINA. I tell you what, my life has changed, I’ve got so much energy, hence why I’m writing this at 5 am in the morning. Along with my energy comes a little bit of aggression (I was already a bit aggressive to begin with), but I’m still adjusting…watch out Stewart : )

I've celebrated my birthday on the 8th April, had my family up to visit which was really nice. I very rarely remember my age these days, only because I don't care. The only thing I like about birthday parties is PRESENTS!!!!

Stew and the birthday cake - Me blowing out the candles - my mum

Apart from my health diary, things musically have been plodding along nicely, my days are consumed with booking tour dates, sending press releases and practicing and performing solo. Also lately I’ve been doing cover artwork for other people’s albums which is exciting and brings in a bit of dosh.

The latest album cover I’m working on is Dom Gannon’s debut album called ‘First Time Round’. It’s been very exciting seeing the album develop over time. Will let you know more about it once we get further along. You can also contact Dom to know more about the album at [email protected]

Also Stewart is working on his solo album to be released in May called 'Don't Fit Don't Care' which is shaping up to be a well balanced group of songs. I’m also doing the artwork for this project. If anyone wishes to pre-order Stew’s album please contact him at [email protected]

GYPSY SOUL - still available
Good news is that I’ve had to re-order some more copies of ‘Gypsy Soul’ because I’ve run out, which means I’m selling a few here and there. It’s always nice to know that you’re loved. So if you're still interested in buying 'Gypsy Soul' they're still available at record stores Australia wide, itunes and Waterfront Records as well as from me. The prices vary at different outlets. Click on the picture for more info.

After the tour I'll be working on a new album, Stew and I are slowly recording acoustic demo's of new songs I've written so I'm really excited about that. It will be released next year with another tour lined up for that one...phew!

April and May is a big month for me and my solo music stuff, I’ve got lots of gigs in Sydney so drop in if you’re in the area.

Solo at Petersham Bowling Club last week hosted by Mark Lucas from the Dead Setters

Wed 13th April – Town Hall Hotel, Newtown – 7 PM – FREE
Mon 18th April – Kelly’s On King, Newtown – FREE
Tues 26th April – Leichardt Town Hall – East Timor Benefit Concert – Tix on the door
Sun 1st May - Monkey Bar , Balmain - 7.30 PM
Fri 6th May - Illawarra Folk Club, Wollongong
Thur 19th May - The Excelsior, Glebe 7.30 PM - FREE
Thur 26th May - The Excelsior, Glebe 8.30 PM - FREE
These are not listed on my website. So keep an eye out on my blog.

Anyway that’s all for now, look out for the next blog, next week.

Snez x

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