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Snez E-News and Blog - Canberra, The Basement, vids, pics and FREE Download

Hello people far and wide : )
Back from Canberra safe and sound. We've decided to head over to the ACT every couple of months to build up a crowd at The Front Gallery and Café. We have amazing support by the venue as well as ABC Radio 666 Canberra, so we popped in to have a chat with Alex Sloan from the morning program. It was lots of fun and just as I was finishing 'Peter Pan' James Valentine walks in. He obviously wasn't there for me, he dropped in to chat with Alex on the show : )
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Snez at Ivanhoe Hotel - solo. Photo by Paul Cosgrove
Check out Paul's interesting Website - More than just pics - Snez is featured on the NEWS Page
Exciting plans and ideas for my music
I heard news not long ago that 'Green' was a semi finalist for the international Song competition. Unfortunately didn't make it into the finals, but it's bloody better than a poke in the eye that's for sure.
Also while we're on the subject of 'Green'. I'm working on my new album which will be released early next year and currently working with Nuh! Productions who work very closely with indie artists making film-clips. They will be helping me create a film clip for 'Green' to also be released as a single early next year, which is very exciting. We're currently working on the script ideas with a view to shoot in September this year.
The film clip for 'Mr Moon' are underway, with the shoot happening this Monday with Nathan. Location : the streets of Medlow bath : ) will take lots of pics and keep you updated with how things go, this all depending on the weather, it's very misty up here in the mountains, so there is a chance we may to to reschedule.

The Basement - 14th March SOLO

The basement show was a success. I was really happy with my performance. There is a very big difference in practicing at home and being on stage. I felt comfortable and at ease. I do need to brush up on my uptempo songs, which are my weakness, but one step at a time. I even got paid…..and ….. I didn't have to share it with Stewart or anyone else… was MINE! That was nice.
Thank you to those who came along to support me xxx Check out this short vid for snippets of the show - Not great quality, I apologise in advance.

Also here is a review from Caroline Woodford that hosts a showcase in Blaxland that I played at this week.

Blaxland Tavern March 16th SOLO
Snez is a superb vocalist who only started to accompany herself on guitar since January as she usually is accompanied by Stewart and she did a fine job. They run the Western Fringe Songwriting Group which meets one Sunday a month at Mars Hill Cafe in Parramatta. It was the first singer songwriter event I attended, having only written one song, which I didn't dare to perform at the time, and it inspired me to get my act together and return to Mars Hill Cafe a few months later where a very encouraging guy called Russell Neale got me up on stage. We all enjoyed Snez's beautiful, thought provoking songs about love and spirituality. Her last song was very emotional and had quite an impact. She told us one of her favourite quotes is "Laugh, sing, dance and create." I think it might become one of mine, too.
Art and other stuff
Apart from that, I'm taking a couple of days off to recharge (I always say that...its my way of procrastinating), I've just cleaned my art space and I'm planning to do some major damage to it this week : ) The room won't stay clean for long, it's not in my nature.

Here are some of my latest artworks

It's not van gogh but who cares! create! Talk to you later
Snez xxx

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