Wednesday, April 20, 2011

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Hey Folks

This week, me, Stewart, Chris (bass player) and Vicki (Chris’ wife) all went down to Penrith Panthers to support Lindsay (our drummer) who was playing with the Choirboys at the Evans Theatre. Mark Gable (lead singer) was in fine form, hitting the high notes even though many years has passed since their hit ‘Run to Paradise’.

It was a fantastic rock show, lots of energy. Lindsay loves to hit the drums real hard, opening the show with a solo drums. All the woman screaming out for him. He loved it. Seeing him hit those drums I wondered how he could ever tame himself down to play in our band with the snare and djembe and shaker : ) We were very proud of Lindsay.

Lindsay in front of the Merch desk : )

At the end of the show along with Chris I had to wait in line to get my arm signed by the famous Lindsay Tebbutt at the merch desk : ) 

Apart from that, I’ve been down in the studio recording some demo’s before we head off on tour. New songs which might make it on the album if they cut it, so that’s been keeping me busy. I plan to start recording the songs properly when we get back from tour. It’s always nerve wracking writing new songs and comparing them to others you’ve written, questioning whether this next album is any good????  Check out this video in the studio.
I apologize in advance for the off the shoulder look….still in my pyjama’s!!!

Tour Calls Done!!! Onto Mr Moon film clip
My tour calls are just about finished now I’m onto promo, ringing radio stations and sending press releases. My next project is filming a clip for Mr Moon which takes place tomorrow at Medlow Bath with the whole gang and Nathan coming up to film and our friend and muso Dom driving us around.
I've spent most of today fixing up the van for filming : ) The shoot is going ahead rain, hail or bloody shine!!!

The inside of the van, ready for the shoot of 'Mr Moon' tomorrow


waiting for my turn at the open mic gig!!!!

Did a couple of solo performances this week and last week. The main problem I have is consistency I think. One show I’m good the next I’m horrible. It might have something to do with having a good sound on stage, having said that, it’s not really a good excuse. I’ll keep ploughing away at that and hopefully get better each time.

Kelly's On King, Newtown and Town hall Hotel, Newtown

Just putting it out there, I'm looking for someone to come along to shows and do reviews and write articles to include in my blog, if you fancy yourself a writer email me

Anyway talk to you later, new post coming next week

snez xxx

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