Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Snez E-News - gigs, pics and vids

Well my performance at The Basement SOLO is looming!
Although I’m well rehearsed and practiced, when guitar is not your natural instrument, it will take a long time to feel comfortable. I’m am excited and nervous. This new project of playing solo has given me a new lease of life in the music scene. I feel so liberated.

Kelly's on King and on the right Blackheath Folk Club
I’ve been hopping from open mic to open mic trying to get some practice in. Check this video out of me playing a few songs at Kelly’s on King in Newtown. I feel this has been my best solo performance to date.

In other news: Stew and I are heading off to Canberra this week for one show and a radio interview. On the last couple of tours we’ve stopped in Canberra and played at The Front in Lyneham and both experiences have been wonderful. So I’ve decided to develop an audience in the ACT. We’ll be heading back there every couple of months.

My tour plans are underway, full steam ahead. I’ve got about 10 shows booked heading up the east coast. I can’t wait to get on the road, I’m acheing for it. When we’re traveling I’ve got nothing to do except write songs, read and perform…it’s fantastic and I also feel healthier physically.

Nathan (our film maker) will be joining us on tour for a couple of weeks to document parts of our tour which we’ll feed through the blog to let you all know how we’re doing. I’m really excited about this aspect of our trip.

Also there is a possibility that Lindsay (our drummer) is likely to come along for at least a week. I suspect it’s not going to be as rock n roll as the choirboys…we’ll be drinking water and eating sushi : )

Mr Moon test shoot took place at lindsays place this week with Nathan coming round to do some shots. Just as we were setting up the van which is the main feature in the film, Stewart turned the car on and the battery was flat…this took about 40 minutes to fix. Luckily it was only a test shoot, everyone was patient : )

Snez and Nathan discussing shots 

Nathan - film maker and Stew trying to start up the van


12TH March - The Front - Lyneham ACT
14th March - The Basement - Solo, Sydney 
Our winter tour starts in June check out the shows at
Anyway guys, talk to you soon
snez xxx

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