Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Snez E-News and Blog - The Clarendon Report : )

So life after the Clarendon ….PHEW!
We ended up doing a jam packed show to a good but small audience. I wanted to thank all those that came to the show to support us, it really made our night and it was great to see some familiar faces too and hopefully you all enjoyed my songs...old and new!

The night opened with country music singer/songwriter Allan Caswell. Allan is most known for his song ‘On the Inside’ which was the theme song for the television show “Prisoner’. Not only did he perform his hit, but so many new and wonderful songs from his new album ‘Behind Bars’. Stewart also featured in Allan’s set, playing some nice licks and fancy chords to his songs…

Allan and Stew

We came on next opening with the song ‘Green’ which was a energetic start to the show and things sort of went wild from there : ) We had the full band, Chris on bass, Lindsay on drums, Stewart of course on guitar and then our special guests Lester on didjeridu which went down really well and Simon on blues harp for a couple of the new songs. Thanks guys for your support on that show.

Lester on didge and simon on blues harp
Fitting all of us on stage was a struggle, but lots of fun and I’d love to have this line up again. The Clarendon was very supportive of our show and that I’m grateful for.

Check out the video from the night shot by Nathan Judd Lee. It includes the band and you'll get an idea of how the night went.

 A big thank you to Marian Caswell, Vicki Mearns and Stuart Kennedy for taking some pics on the night. You can’t have too many pictures can you!

So where to next you ask?

This week we’re doing a test shoot for the film clip ‘Mr Moon’ with Nathan and the guys up here in the mountains before we do the real thing at the end of March.

I also received great news from a film production company who has offered to film a professional film clip for me in return for them using one of my songs on their film. That’s pretty call. I’m currently talking to them about it…..I’d like to have a film clip for my new album for next year…..The songs I have put forward are ‘Green’ and ‘58’…What do you think?

Anyway that’s enough from me. I hope you enjoy the video and I don’t bore you too much. Up in the next issue I'll have some pics and video from a solo show I did at Kelly's on king in Newtown.


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