Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Snez E-News and blog - pics, the clarendon and other stuff

Hello everyone, how you all going?

I've had a stressful couple of weeks especially with the Clarendon show coming up this Friday. To cancel or not to cancel that was the question. The numbers have been pretty low with pre-booking, even up until now, and Stewart and I were discussing whether it was worth going ahead. There were so much time, energy and costs involved with promoting the show, it felt like a big waste to kill the show.

After my initial embarrassment about not being able to bring in a big enough audience, I decided that we should go ahead no matter what happens and most of all have fun. Allan seemed really keen to perform also.

We invited the band to come up to one of our local pub gigs at the carrington to rehearse some of the new songs and it sounds pretty good. Also while I’ve been away Stewart had Lester the didge player pop in and have a jam to ‘Gypsy soul’…..apparently it sounds fantastic..I haven’t heard it yet. I'll hear it on the night.

The Carrington over the weekend with the band

Mia, me and my mum before going to the church

Also the weekend that just passed, I went down to visit my family. My sister Suzi and her family were down from Singapore for Mia’s christening. So we had a nice time re-connecting with family. Mia is growing up very quickly. She is starting to wave to people, almost crawling and on the verge of saying ‘Mum’. Very cute and scarey....I wander what life has in store for her.

Suzi's husband is Serbian. So the church service was at the Serbian Church in Wollongong.

No other news at the moment, will post a blog after the clarendon with some pics, videos and info of how the concert went.

In the meantime there is still time tp purchase tickets for the show on Friday on 4782 1322 or go to Tickets are $20

Talk to you all soon.


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