Wednesday, December 8, 2010

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It’s been raining for a couple of days now non stop. I love the rain though, it’s very comforting. It’s 12.30 am, I can’t sleep so I’ve decided to write my blog.

Over the last couple of days we’ve had singer/songwriter :Luciano Mesiti up at the studio, recording a new EP of beautiful songs. Along with songs he came bearing gifts of homemade scones….nice!

While luch was here we finally put up the christmas tree. We’ve been so busy with other stuff there hasn’t been a chance for us to put it up. Which is a shame because I normally put the christmas tree up in November so I can get enough christmas spirit out of it!

Notice the Homer Simpson on top of the tree : )

On a musical note, We had a great gig at the Newtown venue Shush, 'Salute Our Songwriters' promoting more local content on radio. Managed to get 20 people to the gig, our label was happy with that. Thank you so much for everyone who responded to my plea of help, whether you made it or not. I really appreciate your support : ) The bonus was that we got asked to perform at the Tamworth Music festival in January 2011...we really are turning country ....yikes!
Very low res pics, taken by Dean Wignell - will need to buy the real pics off him : )
Got lots of new songs I’m working on lately, finishing the ones I started on tour and just demoing them with guitar and voice. I think I got a couple of good ones, but don’t really know yet.! Over the next week or so I'll post them up here for you guys to hear, let me know what you think : )

Also a friend of my is releasing her debut album 'Too close to the sun' by Lelly K. She has two launch dates coming up, but in particular she has a show at the Gearin in Katoomba, in which I will be opening up with a few songs. Come along and support her if you can.
Dates are all on the posters.


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