Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Gypsy soul Tour bits and pieces, videos, pics


I'm back from ....Singapore..... If I thought Darwin and Broome were scorchers, Singapore.... was even hotter. My little sister and I went over to visit my older sister Suzi and her husband John, who've had a little baby girl Mia.

me, missy the dog, little sis Diana, Older sis Suzy, Mia and John

Me and baby Mia

My little sis and I were of no help whatsoever, considering we've never had a baby before, all we found ourselves doing was fighting over whose going to hold Mia.....haha. We ate like pigs and put on the kilos and couldn't stop laughing on the plane, I think we drove some people crazy with all the giggling and punching and prodding going on.

Don't ask me why we've got matching outfits! This is me and my lil sis killing some time

Having a face mask

Mr Moon - Number 7 on the Australian Songwriting Competition
Apart from that when I got home a friend of ours, Bob Mac, let us know that 'Mr Moon' got to number 7 for the Australian Songwriters competition in the 'Open' category. It's not number 1, but it's better than a poke in the eye : )

House Concert in Concord
Yesterday (Sunday) we spent a gorgeous afternoon performing at a house concert. Kathleen and Nigel Routh from ....Concord.... won the prize of a house concert back in May. It was a beautiful sunny day and a very relaxed concert with food everywhere and lots of fun and laughter. I really enjoyed it. I think house concerts are the ideal show for me, so if you're interested in hosting a house concert in your loounge room, or even if you're curious about how it works, just email on [email protected] and I'll send you an information sheet.

PDA Awards
I am madly plastered on the computer trying to fill out an application for the Professional Development Award that APRA is running. It's a prize of $12,000 and bloody oath I need the money to fund my next album as well as work on some other little projects in the pipelines. So I'm doing the best job I know how of presenting an application that looks professional.....see how it goes.

Anyway enjoy the pics and video of the gypsy soul tour. It's a clip while we were in Brewarrina. Had a show at the RSL there. Stew's having a jam with a local guy. Sorry the footage quality is terrible, I'm experimenting on Utube, if anyone has any clues!

Talk to you soon and if you're in the mountains this week I have a small set as part of the Rhodo Festival in Blackheath at the Ivanhoe Hotel on Sunday. Show starts at 5PM, but I'll be on around 6 pm singing about 10 minutes worth of songs. It's a local composers night for Blackheath....


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