Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Gypsy soul tour video, art and bits and pieces

Gypsy soul tour - video, art and bits and pieces

Hows it going? I've had a pretty full on time since we've been back. Catching up with lots of people and just trying to sort out what I'm going to do till the end of the year. Apart from songwriting and performing I've been out and about enjoying the blue mountains sun, gardening and pottering around, waiting for some inspiration to come my way.....I think it's coming.

I've got a fantastic industry show coming up on the 2nd December called 'Salute our Songwriters'. This will feature some up and coming and emerging artists including myself and headlining with 'Gangajang'. I'm really looking forward to this show.
Buy Tickets from me $25 ($5 goes to the artist selling tix)

This is a very short video of Stew trying to fix the speaker while we're in Dubbo. the speaker blew up and we weren't too sure what we'd do. Unfortunately I was trying to upload another one of me writing a song, but I'm having so much difficulty uploading on utube.

I've also just booked The Clarendon for a very special show in February and just secured the second artist to play before me. We're going to try some new things in this show, so I'm starting to look at set-lists and muso's that I can call upon to bring a certain flavour to this one, already spoken to Lester who's a didgeridu player from the Didgeridu Dingo's. I'm looking forward to also playing at my home town, The clarendon is my favourite venue. Hopefully we'll see u there next year.

I'm off to Singapore this week on Thursday for a week. My sister Suzi and her husband John have had a baby girl. She's 3 months old (Mia) and me and my little sis are heading over there to spend some time with Mia and hopefully do some shopping....(If I can keep up with my little sister : ) I can already see the blisters on my feet!

Anyway hope you enjoyed the little snippet of video, it's not a Steven Spielberg production, but close enough : )


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