Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Gypsy Soul Tour Diary - Ready to Move on from Dubbo

21st July 2010

Stew had to work on a jingle all morning so I spent the time writing a song and then eventually taking out the picnic rug and falling asleep in the sun.
I'm a bit over Dubbo now, would like to move on. We'll get going in the morning and slowly head towards Brewarrina.

We're a little bit worried about heading to Brewarrina, along the road we've heard some negative stories about it, although I'd like to see for myself, sometimes these stories can tend to be exaggerated.

The song I started working is called 'Emperor has got no clothes' still at the beginning stages, I don't think it has a strong melody but it's got some poetic lyrics.

We picked up some firewood on the side of the road yesterday so we're all stocked up for a nice warm fire, although it's just started to rain - a light shower, it's beautiful, the rainbow is out and hopefully it'll stop soon so we can get out of the van.

Freddy's having the time of his life sniffing just about anything he can find. I'm feeling rejuvinated right now, listening to Steven Bishop on CD, our drummer Lindsay  gave us the CD before we left, he said some of the songs reminded him of my songs.

Later dude xx

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