Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Gypsy Soul Tour diary - Still in Dubbo

19 July 2010

Still in Dubbo - Thought we could use this time while we have a break to recuperate - although it doesn't feel like we're resting. I have an ulcer on my throat and it hurts like hell : ( 

Got a phone call today from the Winton RSL and they cancelled our gig on the 6th August. Bummer, I was pretty dissapointed. Oh well you can't control these things.

Stew spent the morning trying to fix a speaker. 3 days into the tour and we already have a problem with the equipment, need to be more careful loading the equipment back in the car.

Stew fixing speaker and Freddy supervising

Spending the night in a reserve a few k's out of Dubbo. We'll probably stay here for a bit.

20th July 2010

Got up did some excercise. Stew seems to have a new weights routine that involves Freddy sitting up on his tummy. Gotta keep fit while we're on the road.

We decided to go to the Dubbo Health Resort for a swim in the heated pool and a hot shower. Nice. Staying here at the same reserve in Dubbo again tonight. Looking forward to some hot tea and fire. I feel a song brewing in the next couple of days. Already having some inspiring ideas.

Snez relaxing by the fire, preparing dinner at the reserve in Dubbo - a storm brewing

We were joined for dinner by a fellow camper, a farmer from Shepparton in Victoria, He was heading home from the Gold Coast after visiting his daughters. His wife took the plane back home...wuss! He camped in a tent with his cattle dog Rexxie.

Lovely night : )

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