Friday, July 23, 2010

Gypsy Soul Tour Diary - Out of Dubbo and off to Coona

22 July 2010

We were meant to make an early start from Dubbo, but it was too cold to get out of bed, so we stayed until the sun was well and truly out. Heading to Coonabarabran today - it's about an hour and a half from Dubbo. Stew has an old mate 'Kira' who's a singer/songwriter that lives there. Unfortunately while we're on our way through, she is visiting family in Sydney...haha, but we're going to visit anyway, her husband Sam and two kids have welcomed us to stay with them. They live on a 4 acre property.

Stew has to finish up some jingles before we get there. We stopped at a park near the shops in Coona so he could do that, while I went off to have a cup of tea at a cafe.
When I came back there was a family with two kids and a white fluffy dog playing, and freddy got to exert his manly powers.

Thomas the lost dog

After a while I noticed the white dog running on the road, running after a car, and realised that the owners had left him behind...poor thing, I spent ages chasing after him and then finally lured him with a schmacko : )  I took him off to the vet to see if he was micro chipped for an address - No luck! At this point the unhelpful assistant told me to ring the pound.

A few minutes later Stew rang on my mobile and said the lady came to take back 'Thomas' - Thank the bloody lord - otherwise we would have had two dogs on this tour : )

4 PM - Arvo

off we went down the road where Sam and his family live. what a lovely house. Sam has a tree lopping business and he's also a rigging guy for stage and music. We spent the night talking, had a couple of beers and then played with the kids Monique and Bianca - who got a little snap happy with the camera : )

Monique, snez and Bianca and Sam and Stew on the left

Freddy was in Dog heaven : ) He made friends with a dog named 'Pudgie' who had one eye and very friendly and also a big dog named Billy who was 14 years old and deaf.

Pudgie the one eyed dog and Billy the 14 yr old deaf dog

Stew sang the kids a lullaby to send them off to sleep 'Somewhere over the rainbow'....ohhh how cute!

We had a soft bed in the house and freddy was allowed to sleep with us. All round a successful day.

snez xx

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