Friday, July 23, 2010

Gypsy Soul Tour Diary - Coona Continued

23rd July 2010

Sam and the kids were up early and off to school and work. Stew took advantage of a warm house and power to finish off a few outstanding jingles he has to do.

Meanwhile I had a hot coffee and a toasted cheese sandwich mmmmm and played the guitar a while. I had to occupy myself somehow and decided to take lots of photo's around the place.

Sam got back about midday from his job and we were well and truly done here. Had a nice shower thank you very much and were ready to head off. We had decided to go to Brewarrina a day early today to check it out in day light.

Stew in the spare room recording  and the view from Sam's Verandah

Brewarrina in the Arvo
Sam said 'Keep your car locked....and don't expect them to hold' haha thats re-assuring. Said goodbye and took off. It's nice to be back on the road.
Brewarrina was a 3 and a half hour drive and we got there in time to see for ourselves.....yikes!!!! All the shops and houses have fences a mile high like detention centres, all the shops have wired cages around the windows....freaky.

I really don't want to bail out on this gig, even though it feels a little unsafe at the moment. We got some groceries and then went to the RSL where we will be playing. Spoke to the one of the staff and asked where we load in from and park...thank the lord he said we can park inside the rsl parking where it will be locked and secured. That eased both mine and Stewarts mind.

We're in a camping ground a few k's out of Brewarrina tonight. Travelling the van is hard work, limited space and we both get grumpy after a hard day.  Tonight's one of those nights!

Goodnight xxx

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