Monday, July 26, 2010

Gypsy Soul Tour Diary - Brewarrina

24 July 2010

We've just been out of range for a few days. We stayed at the 4 mile camping reserve a few k's out of Brewarrina. Very beautiful. Just on a river. Spent the morning just hanging about, collecting fire wood and then just lying around.

Four Mile Reserve in Brewarrina and on the right - me and freddy

In the arvo 2 fire engines turned up and a couple of fire trucks and I started to thing 'What the hell's going on now?'.  Thankfully no bush fires, just fireman training. Very exciting : ) So we killed some time watching that happen over dinner.

The Evening - Brewarrina RSL
We parked out the back of the RSL it was pretty busy. They had kind of a beer garden out the back and we were both a bit edgy and on our guard. Stew took the first load in and was greeted with a guy holding a pool cue saying 'You better be good!' Yikes.Thank God it got better from there on.

Pub/RSL gigs are generally not my audience and I already knew that when I started to book these gigs, but you don't have a lot of options out the country.

Brewarrina main street - it's very small

Once loaded in, Kim the lady behind the bar came up to us to say hi and we had a bit of a chat. She then said that a whole bunch of her friends at the school she works at were going to come to see us because they saw my photo on the poster and they thought 'Snez and the Gypsy Soul tour' was a clairvoyant and was going read from a crystal ball...hahaha. Kim set them straight and so we didn't see them that night!

I think I have to be a bit more descriptive in my poster and somehow relate it to music : ) You live and learn. Anyway, we met a lot of the locals throughout the night and much to our surprise everybody was very friendly and polite considering they were mostly into country and western.

Stew even got the local electrician, Trevor up to do a song - the Cat Stevens song 'Father and son' It was a choice between that and 'Hotel California' so we went with the latter. Stew thought it would be safer.

Stew setting up and on the right - Trevor and Stew

Overall we had a good night and got home late to our camping spot.
4 down 27 to go. We're heading off past Bourke tomorrow.


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