Monday, October 26, 2020

SNEZ E-News: Oatley Village Festival retrospective photo's

We were first asked to play at the Oatley Village Festival back in 2012 and continued to play up until 2015. It was one of the only opportunities we got to play together as a band with Chris Mearns on bass guitar, occasionally toy piano and shaker, Lindsay Tebbutt on drums, percussion and whatever else he pulled out, Stewart Peters on acoustic guitar, vocals and myself on lead vocals and guitar from 2014. So many memories. Vicki, Chris's wife, was always behind the scenes and when Ellie came along, she was there to take the role of nanny. There were regulars who came to see us playing, Craig and Stuart. aaahhh they were the simple days. Band reunion coming soon.

Chris had his new fandangled camera, Oatley 2012

Oatley 2012, Stew is still wearing that shirt!
Oatley 2013

Oatley 2013

Chris doing his thang!

Oatley 2014

Oatley 2014, about to POP!

Baby's here, Oatley 2015

Ellie chilling with Vicki as usual

Our last Oatley Festival 2015

Oatley 2015

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