Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Snez E-News: NEW SINGLE 'Winter Song' available for download

New single ‘Winter song’  from the long awaited 4th album ‘Fisher on the Sea’  is acoustic magic. Intensely warm and bitterly cold at the same time, filled with melancholic imagery, as if you’re sitting by the fire waiting for the bite of wintertime to pass quickly. Her farewell song to the mystical winter magic of the Blue Mountains.

Recorded in the Mid North Coast at Soundshed Music, with well renowned Producer Stewart Peters. ‘What I like about Snez is she’s not trying to be or sound like anyone else, her loyalty lies with  the characters in her stories and making sure their story is told authentically’, Peters comments.

Have listen below. You can download the track here: and available to streamed on spotify.

Keep an eye out for a music clip coming soon.

Winter Song by Snez

Winter in my bones
Rooster tapping at the door
Curled up in the cradle with my little one
Tugging at my toes
C’mon let’s go

Winter in my bones
Warm my hands on the stove
Pegging up the washing from the ceiling
The living room a sea of clothes 

Sandalwood kisses and somber mornings
Smokey chimneys paint the slate grey sky

Winter in my bones
Like a snake beneath the door
Slouching sunflowers on the porch
The days are long, I dream of open roads 

Skeleton trees and mountains of leaves
Holes in my socks and the mildew on the sill

Winter in my soul
Can you hear my rattling bones
Can you hear my rattling bones
Can you hear my rattling bones

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