Friday, September 25, 2020

Snez E-News: Winter Song Live

I've written many winter songs during my time in the beautiful Blue Mountains. Stewart and I spent about 14 years living in Blackheath, creating music, friends, baby, ties and roots. We also spend the whole time whinging about the cold weather. We spent 4 months of the year touring up north to get away from the cold and finally decided it was time to find a home up north where it was mostly warm all year round.
As hard as it was to part from the mountains, our new home is where we belong.

Surrounded by packing boxes and a big mess I started to write this winter song. It was my farewell to the Blue Mountains song. Often my little girl Ellie reminisces about Blackheath and the friends and families we made connection with. 

Here is the live version of 'Winter Song'. Single release and film clip coming soon.  

Copy of Untitled by Tita Siviour

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