Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Snez E-News: Fisher on the Sea - Pre order

Hey folks,

This album has been a bit of a journey and it's almost coming to completion with the release of 'Fisher on the Sea' coming in February 2021. Some days in the studio has been like pulling teeth and I've felt pretty down about the whole project, wanting to throw the towel in and other times I shout out loud 'I'm the best fu&*(^^kîng songwriter in the world'.  When you're working on your own music and career as an independent artist, there is nobody out there that will get you out of bed to write, record, do the promo, prop you up with positive words, fix your hair and make you breakfast....IT IS HARD! (add a kid in the mix too). However hard it gets I feel really grateful and always remind myself that whatever I lack in business skills and networking, I cover with writing and singing my heart out. I have to learnt to view my music as a gift that I am giving the world. Some people want my gift, others don't.

The album is on the homestretch and if you do feel you would like to help out, you could pre-order the album (physical or download) here.

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