Sunday, November 24, 2013

Snez E-News - Karaoke, Dancing Khmers and gecko kids

Our chauffeur
Only a week to go before we get home. Time really moves fast. I really wish we could stay longer, but freddy awaits with his waggy tail and scruffy fur and we do miss him very much.
This week is going to be very challenging and exciting at Green Gecko. We'll be rehearsing our songs and our moves for the Finale Concert which completes our teaching here. We'll be performing 5 songs, that the gecko kids wrote and recorded, as well as 'Crazy Dog' and a couple of other tunes. It's going to be a big event for the Gecko Kids, they'll get to invite their Cambodian parents along to the concert and show off their songs and their skills. I'm pretty nervous, just the logistics of everything is overwhelming.Stewart has been rehearsing the Green Gecko band which is comprised on Paou on bass, Bonton on Drums, Larn on keyboard, Neung and Vit on guitars. They're doing really well, but the time restraint due to a week off for public holidays has put a dent in our rehearsal time, so we're a little bit frantic, but as they say, if you make a mistake, just keep's showbiz!

Stew playing the 'Tickay'
Give up!
We spent our long weekend with expat Aussie and friend of ours Clem and an American expat, Megan, travelling five hours from Siem Reap to a village called Banteay Chhmar - some of the main roads were only accessible through 4WD. We spent the days with the locals, eating and sleeping in the village huts and visiting remote and hidden temples, visiting silk farms and taking a trip through the village on an ox-cart (I think we were the laughing stock of the village). We learnt some traditional Khmer dance routines and even got to play a couple of instruments. We got an overload of rice and I don't think I can eat rice for a very long time. Not to mention my attack of diahorea on the way to and back!

Temple ruins

Last night we went out with Clem and the expat gang for our first experience of pub Khmer Karaoke at The Warehouse which is on 'Pub Street', I tell you what, not meaning to be rude, but it reminded me of a very bad open mic night!  Stew and I did many duos including 'Jet plane', 'Feeling Groovy' and our show stopper 'Jackson' by Johnny Cash and a traditional khmer song we all joined in on. Lots of fun, pub karaoke here is pretty wild, it competes with some of the craziest pubs we've played at in the Northern Territory.

Ok, smell ya later, we're off to a picnic.... : ) 

snez &  Stew

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