Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Snez E-News: Crazy Dogs and Green Gecko's.

Class Z - happy snaps whilst recording
Well in Australia, I've been called some funny names including Sven, Snozz, sneeze, Shnez and shazza, now the Cambodian version for Snez and Stew has become 'Snef and Steve', which is pretty cute...we're just going with it. 

Class X - practicing their song
It's been a hectic week of writing songs and a lot of recording this week, in between power outages, technical problems and stubbed toes (thongs are the best form of footwear around here). Stewart is madly mixing songs and I'm madly rehearsing them with the kids. We have some very talented Green Gecko kids. Crazy Dog has become a massive hit at Green Gecko, I'm expecting a big royalty cheque next year : )  It's become a common song across all 6 classes and we're hoping to include it in our end of the month concert.  We're hoping to teach them 'Rainbow Song' by next week, they just soak everything up.

Take a sneek peek at Class A, this is the youngest group we're teaching. They are an energetic bunch to teach and very adorable. Most of these little ones don't know any chords on the guitar but just love joining in. We're all having a ball!

In the studio
 I notice every day that we ride our bikes to Green Gecko, we seem to be getting slower and slower as we get more reluctant to wake up early and ride.  We've taken to riding to the school rain, hail or shine and it's been pretty wet, stormy and rainy, the dirt roads are muddy and its very humid.

I've got myself a handful of guitar students, while Stewart is mixing and working on editing the songs. This is pretty cool. I don't consider myself a fantastic guitarist, but the skills I do have are enough for these kids. I'm really grateful that I can pass something on.

Anyway, that's it for now. Stay tuned, I have some more footage of the other classes recording their songs

Laan, practicing 'Imagine' - he's taken a liking to my guitar

Class A

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