Monday, December 3, 2012

SNEZ E-News & Blog - a hollow box and a spiral Jam

Leura Markets - 'Snez Stall'
Had a fantastic weekend, which included the Leura Markets. I decided that I would have an art stall along with singing and selling my cd's and it was fantastic - a touch too hot for my liking. Bumped into a few local muso's that I haven't seen in a long time, sang lots of songs and played until my fingers were sore. Stewart played his new toy,  which is a hollow box essentially that you sit on and hit!!!

Stewart on his new  toy
Growing up on a farm in Kentucky, I was surrounded with music from my family. I started writing my own songs and playing guitar as a teenager, then continued my musical journey through college at Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee, USA. During this period, I did some recording in the studio under a well-known record label. I have long since made Nashville my “other hometown” where I continue to write songs with friends and play guitar. My “day job” is co-owner of Cotten Music Center where I am surrounded by some of the best musicians on the planet and enjoy their music as well as their friendship. One of my greatest joys is to complete a song and then record it... I wrote the song “So Far Away”, which is included on the Wild Women album, some years back during a particularly trying period of my life... For me, having this song chosen to be one of the twenty featured on the project in indeed an honor... Thanks to Snez for her vision and all the work it takes to get the Wild Women project completed!

Snez & Mark Lucas
from the Dead Setters
Our bass player, Chris holds a muso jam at his place. Muso's from all over gather to eat, drink and play songs. He records the jam each year and it really is a blast. I did a couple of songs myself with a few different players on each song, it takes the songs to a new place when other's are playing...lots of fun.

Stew on piano, Mark Lucas on guitar, Al Redall on guitar, Chris on bass,
Jake Lardot on guitar, Steve Gunning on drums (can't see him)


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