Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Snez E-News & Blog - Darcy & the tye dyed shirts

Dancing after dinner
Well what a week I've had.
Darcy, singer/songwriter & friend from Nashville spent a week here and left on Tuesday this week. Darcy is one of the artists on the Wild Women album also. (see previous posts - feature artist). We spent the week painting, tye dyeing t-shirts, singing christmas carols, dancing on tables, sight seeing, recording vocals, we went out with our bass player, Chris, and he took us up flying.....I got queezy but we still had a ball.

Check out the photos of some of the things we did!

Just wanted to say thanks for all your support throughout the year, with emails, comments, FB stuff, support at shows and events. Have a great Christmas and a wonderful new year! Hopefully I'll see some of you next year.

guess who's getting a Tye
dyed shirt for Christmas?
Above: Me and Darcy

Roller Disco christmas party
A nice way to wind up the year
of roller derby. The theme was
80's, so I wore my usual jumpsuit

Lelly K moves between three genres: Gypsy and Celtic folk originals, Burlesque covers and fronts originals rock band 'Red Boots'. Her debut album has been highly acclaimed by Songsmith magazine and her song 'Nubian Bride' received a 5 star review on Triple J unearthed.
Visit Lelly K at

Demonstrating a trick
Well I'll leave you with this pic. Stew and I went and sang at a carols concert at a nursing home in Sydney, organised by his daughter, Kristy.

When the concert finished and I was trying to kill some time, I was trying to demonstrate a skating trick I learnt when I was 12 years old, outside the nursing home. What I forgot in that moment, was that I was taught that trick on the carpet....and nearly fell flat on the concrete....good pic though!

Ok, until next week, smell ya later
snez xx


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