Thursday, May 24, 2012

SNEZ E-News Update - Off to Dubbo YAY!!

Hello, I only have all of next week and then Stew and I are off on tour. We're packed and ready to go, I've been ready to go for 2 months really, itching to get on the road.
Leura Markets in May.
Photo by Warren Munce

Tomorrow (25th), Stewart and I are going to Dubbo to perform an acoustic concert at Wesley Hall for Midnite Cafe, a community run cafe. I'm really excited about it. We played the Midnite cafe about 2 years ago on out way to Broome and I've really wanted to get back and do another show with them, and so...I am!  Lots of other artists on the night. Click on the posters to go to the facebook event.

Other great news is that I recently sent the new album to ABC Radio National, in particular to Robbie Buck on The Inside Sleeve, and they have already played a track 'Don't forget me'. Click on this link to hear the's the last song of the whole program, so fast forward : )  Robbie didn't say much, but let's not push it yet!!!

Christine Wheeler
Christine Wheeler - Album Launch
Stewart also played drums at the launch for a folk artist 'Christine Wheeler' who just released her album a few days ago, which covered the songs of Henry Lawson called 'Rain in the Mountains'. It's a lovely album.

Anyway, thought I'd just drop a few lines, so you knew I was still alive : )

smell ya later
snez xx

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