Tuesday, May 29, 2012

SNEZ E-News & Blog - New beauty product 'Noskopar'

Hello folks

We're leaving for tour this Saturday and I thought I'd get one or two more blogs in, while I"m sitting in the comfort of my own home at my computer desk with power and lights, because soon I will be hunched over inside the van, swearing at Stewart because the battery of the laptop is about to kark it and a mosquito bit my armpit!!! That's the way it goes and I love it!!! haha.


Raymond my next door neighbour in Blackheath is heading off himself on the same day we leave,  with his dog Tommie, but his trip is a little different. Raymond runs creative walks through his company called 'Into the Blue Creative Walks'. Basically to make a very long story short, he takes groups of artists, writers, choirs to the outback and runs workshops with experienced facilitators. 

But the reason I'm writing about Raymond is that he has recently started up a blog called The Electronic Swagman which captures the Australian landscapes and it's people. Anyway check out one of the video's from the blog called 'Extreme Exfoliation' a product by Noskopar,  which I think is hilarious, there are many more so please go and visit his blog.

Smell ya later
snez xx

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