Tuesday, March 6, 2012

SNEZ E-News and Blog - CD Done!!! I'm off to skate

As I write this blog, I'm just marvelling at the fact that it's a beautiful sunny day...no rain, thank the lord!

Things are moving along nicely. The artwork for the album is complete, mastering done! It's being sent off to the manufacturers as we speak...yikes!!! It doesn't matter how many times you spellcheck, when you get it back there is always a typo somewhere haha! On your left is the artwork. The painting by Joanne Pedro. I'm really happy with it. So pre-ordering of albums begins now and you will recieve it a week before the launch date of 28th April.

By pre-ordering you will also recieve some freebies of songs (mp3) that didn't make it on the album and a couple of exclusive videos files of me talking about the songs.

NON MUSICAL NEWS - Roller Derby Queen
I'm not sure if some of you know but I bought myself a pair of rollerskates two weeks ago and joined a roller derby team in Katoomba. All I can say is that one of the girls said to me 'More control....less chaos'  you get the drift! I tend to go for it even when I'm not good at something and then end up in bed for a week. So far I feel like I've been horse riding with that feeling you get in between your thighs....the 100 laps nearly killed me yesterday, I thought I was going to die! Pictures to come soon, between Lindsay and Stewart, they'll get a good one!

GREEN IS OFFICIALLY ON ITUNES and other download stores
Green is officially online and you can purchase the song on itunes now so start downloading or pass it onto a friend.  Don't forget to leave a review if you do purchase the song...it all helps with getting the song up at the top of itunes charts....thats, if you feel like it ofcourse : ) 

TRIPLE J - requests
I have sent 'Green' to triple J programming now I just wait to see if they will play it. You can help by requesting the song on any particular program or click here
At the moment 'GREEN' is being played on radio around Australia - Currently at Norfolk Island Radio, 5EFM in South Australia, 3VPR in Victoria...YAY!

Anyway enough about me! Chris Mearns our dedicated bass player also plays in a band called The Dead Setters with Mark Lucas. A country rock band. We had the pleasure of seeing them play in Tamworth last year. Mark and the gang are working on a brand new album which is very exciting. Check it all out here www.marklucas.com.au and while you're at it, check out their music clip here

Thats all from me, smell ya later
snez xxx