Thursday, July 21, 2011

Gypsy Soul Tour Diary - Sea Cucumbers, Snorkels and Boxing

10th to 21st July - Heading North still

Well our days have been spent climbing our way up north. I spoke to a friend, Jim (shipstone) and he mentioned that Mission Beach was very beautiful and to make sure we stop there. So we did and he was right. We ended up staying for a week. 

There is a fair bit of cyclone devastation still from cyclone Yasi. Apparently most of the businesses sold after the cyclone. Lots of roof damage and trees all over the place still.

Mission Beach - The cyclone has torn all the trees apart.

There is a big crackdown on backpackers and campervans heading up north. So we’ve been moved on from spots a few times. It’s not as free and easy as the outback.

We’ve spent our time snorkeling on the Great Barrier Reef, swimming, drinking milkshakes. You would think in this climate and with the sea as my inspiration I’d be flowing with ideas for songs, but I have nothing….I’m blocked! I’m trying not to panic. I’ll just pick a fight with stew, I’ll get upset and emotional and the flow will be back again.

On the 'Calypso' heading out to the Great Barrier Reef for a snorkel


The coral at low tide - we didn't have an underwater camera sorry....the sea cucumbers were amazing! a bit like normal cucumbers but slimy and bigger.

On our travels, many tourists said that Cairns was crap, the traffic was bad and too many tourists. They said Broome was crap too and we loved it. So we kind of ignored that. Sure enough we looooved Cairns.  I was really impressed actually.

Kick boxing - the girl said I hit too hard!!! I had some agro to get rid of.

There was a huge outdoor pool in the plaza in the city that you could for free, they were supporting fitness by providing free fitness classes throughout the week including kickboxing, zumba and yoga….So we took advantage of all of it…the price was just right for us poor musos….there was even free hot showers!!!!! Holy moly.


We are now at a rest area in Port Douglas. We’ve been here for 4 days. It’s so relaxed. Freddy is doing well, sniffing and pissing as usual. Ok folks see ya later!

Port Douglas - This is where we camped.

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