Friday, July 8, 2011

Gypsy Soul Tour Diary - Crocs, Whales and Rum - Bundaberg, Rockhampton

2nd to 5th July 2011

Hello from Emu Park : ) I’ve had an eyebrow wax, freddy has had his hair cut, Stewart is just as smelly as ever and we’re trying to head up North as quickly as possible to get the warmth…and I can tell you its getting warm : ) We’ve reached Crocodile territory, so from now on we will have to be careful when stopping near rivers and lakes.

Very streamline : )

We’ve spent most our time driving and we’ve spent a few days around Calliope, Bundaberg, Emu Park and Rockhampton. There are some beautiful beaches out there and we’ve been swimming…it’s still a bit icy. Spotted lots of Dolphins and a few whales…..

At the Bundaberg Rum Distillery

We dropped in on an Artists Colony near Calliope. It was this huge acreage with little huts for artists to exhibit their art and some workshops and spaces. We asked the lady ‘Angela’ if they were interested in us playing at the Markets they had the next day. So we hung around….


Check out this video  - Crocs, Whales and Rum

Emu Park

Meanwhile back at home in the mountains, it’s getting windy and cold. Our neighbour rang us today and said that one of our old humongous eucalyptus trees came down on her shed and squashed it. Her power is out, along with many others in the street…yikes! Blackheath seems to be a disaster zone!

Next on our blog I’ll share some new songs with you, as well as the usual video and pics.

Smell ya later dude!

snez xxx

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